Integra Real Estate

Integra Real Estate is a carefully assembled team of established real estate investors and entrepreneurs with a track record of success due to its principals’ strong investment, analytical, financial and operational experience.

Integra R/E utilizes a real estate platform leveraging our analytical tools, market intelligence and depth of resources to efficiently navigate through the investment process. Drawing on its platform of deal-makers, analysts, accountants, lawyers, property managers, Integra R/E purposefully moves through the investment process with the ability to optimize value in any environment.

Integra R/E is a fully integrated, private real estate investment company specializing in the acquisition and management of value-added, opportunistic and distressed real estate assets.

Integra believes in aggressive “hands-on” asset management and places a significant emphasis on the due diligence process to strategically identify and acquire commercial and multi-family residential properties.

Integra Real Estate owns, operates and provides development, investment, brokerage and property management services throughout Florida and the South East U.S. in both the retail and multi-family residential markets.